Zorof's machine can be combined with some items that are found by pets. These are some of the things you can make:

Tophole RodEdit

A Tophole Rod looks like a cane. To make this, use a ring and a branch.


Mineral SpecsEdit

Mineral Specs are glasses that can be made of Metal Wire (Found in Cloud Plaza) and the Kalitz (an icy blue crystal) (Found in Cloud Plaza). (For members only. Non-members can make them and sell them for more money)

Head BandEdit

A Head Band can be made by combining a Spider Web (found in Tree Top Jungle) and an Oranga Vine (found in Tree Top Jungle.


Cone PhoneEdit

A Cone Phone can be made by a Soster Cone (found in Tree Top Jungle) and a Wishbone (found in Misty Island).



A Tiara can be made by combining Magnerite stones (found in The Beneath) with Metal Wire.


Gemstuded ShirtEdit

A Gemstuded Shirt can be made by combining a Broken Nongo kite (found in Meyan Jungle) and Arbathyst gemstone (found in The Misty Islands).


Flowers bouquetEdit

The Pink flower (found in Meyan Jungle) and the Blue flower (found in Meyan Jungle and Cloud Spire), make a cute bouquet once mixed together.Sw.Bouquet

Crow CaneEdit

A Crow Cane can be made by combining a Scare Crow (found in Meyan Jungle) with branch stick.