The Secret of Sproing
Vital statistics
Start Gri-Dun
End Gri-Dun
Location The Den
Rewards  ???
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The Secret of Sproing was a mission on Spineworld.


Gri-Dun wants to make some Sproing for his customers.


To find the bottles, search around the Cloud Spire rooms and there would be noticeable empty bottles lying around. To find the caps, look for sparkles on the ground. Alternately, bottles and caps can be found certain places with a pet. Pick them all up.

To find the 8 Orange Fruit Sproing, go to the Meyan Jungle. Walk around the Tree Top Jungle, Meyan Temple and Bongo Camp and there are big orange fruits lying around. These are the Orange Fruit Sproing. Pick them all up and go back to Gri-Dun.

To make the Sproing, open up the inventory and drag each of the orange fruit into the empty bottles. Then drag the bottles with juice onto the caps to complete it. Talk to Gri-Dun and he will give a reward.