Steam Car Racer was a racing game on Spineworld where the player must complete five laps of a race track in the shortest time trying to beat the other Steam Car players. This game could be played by going to Steam Minitor at Dragon Port and he would teleport the user to the game in the Meyan Jungle, or the user could talk to Racing Minitor in the Meyan Race Stadium in the Meyan Jungle, or the user could teleport to the stadium using the game button. This game was also featured on Migoland, before Playdo deleted it, the reason why is unknown. Steam Car Racing could be accessed via the games button, but the Members only racetracks could be raced by anyone.

Steam Car Racer


  • Up Key/Space - Accelerate
  • Left Key - Turn Left
  • Right Key - Turn Right
  • Down Key - Break/Reverse
  • P Key - Pause
  • Spacebar - Horn/Honk


  • Temple Ruins
  • Temple Ruins Reversed
  • Jungle Run (Members only)
  • Jungle Run Reversed (Members only)


Multiplayer was a special feature in the game where the user can race against other members. The user could either join a game or host a game. To join a game, look for any game that is available in the list and click on it. If there wasn't any available games or the user wants to start a game, then choose your race track and wait for more players. There could be 2-4 players in a game.


  • It is very easy to run off the track in this game. Try to turn just a little bit early at the right time.


  • 1st Place: 40 Coins
  • 2nd Place: 33 Coins
  • 3rd Place: 26 Coins
  • 4th Place: 19 Coins

Links Edit

  1. Steam Car Racing; source files (hosted on Mediafire):