Spineworld has some special items that can be bought at the Special Items Shop. Buying Items

Space SuitEdit

Space Suit

Weather RocketsEdit

Weather Rockets

Party PackEdit

Party Pack

Food PackEdit

Food Pack

45 FireworksEdit

45 Fireworks

150 FireworksEdit

150 Fireworks

20 EmotionsEdit

20 Emotions

Invasion of the BlobsEdit

Invasion of the Blobs pack

10 GiftsEdit

10 Gifts

25 GiftsEdit

25 Gifts

250 Tely-Port PyramidsEdit

250 Tely-Port Pyramids

Spooky SuitEdit

Spooky Suit

Super Snow PackEdit

Super Snow Pack

X-treme Snow PackEdit

X-treme Snow Pack

Merry ChristmasEdit

Merry Christmas

Petrifying PerfumesEdit

Petrifying Perfumes

Fearsome FireworksEdit

Fearsome Fireworks

Ghoulish GrinsEdit

Ghoulish Grins

Horrible HeadsEdit

Horrible Heads

Freakish FacesEdit

Freakish Faces

Beastly BunchEdit

Beastly Bunch