The Social List on Spineworld can show what your friends are doing, what events are on and more.



The first tab is a list with all your friends, sorted out into online and off line. If you click on a friend on the online section 2 or 3 icons come up. If the person is on a different server (shown as a * beside name) the Globe with an arrow will be there. If on the same server then it will not be there. If you click the globe with the arrow it will take you to that server. The next icon is a small message block. If you click the small message box you will be able to whisper to that friend anywhere. In order the see the messages you must hit the arrow on the chat box and then click friends. The last icon you will see is an X. This will allow you to delete your friend.

Adding a FriendEdit

If you would like to accept a friend request, in the friends tab there will be a little area with that person's name with a tick or a cross. In order add a person, click on them and a box comes up. Click on the + with the little person beside, they will have to accept your friends first though.


The Room tab shows who is in the same room with you. You can click on their names to see their details.


The Clubs tab shows which of your club members are off line and online. The founder has a crown beside their name and the Ambassoder has a ^ .


The Events tab shows what events are going on in Spineworld's Apartments. To go to a party, click on one of the events and you'll be taken to the apartment.