Snowball Shootout is a hand held Christmas game in Spineworld.
Snowball Shootout

Snowball Shootout tab


1. Join a team, red or blue, and throw snowballs at your opponents.

2. The first team to reach 3000 points wins. Your personal score will continue until you leave the game.

3. Hit a member 5 times, or a non-member 3 times to freeze them and earn bonus points.

4. Continue hitting people without missing 15 times to earn super snowballs, or 30 times to earn snow robots.

5. The game continues until you press 'Leave Game'.

Special ItemsEdit

There are some special items which can be bought at the Special Items Shop, or earned by getting combos. The items include:

Super Snow PackEdit

Super Snow Pack

X-treme Snow PackEdit

X-treme Snow Pack


Reward varies on how many people are hit and how many points are scored.

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