Vital statistics
Start Gri-Dun
End Gri-Dun
Prerequisites Ghost Suit, mask
Location Cloud Spire
Rewards  ???
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Be A Ghost

Revenge! was a mission on Spineworld.


Gri-Dun saw a ghost that scared him. He thinks it was a trick from Mr. Tonno and wants to pay him back. Gri-Dun knows that Mr. Tonno is more scared of ghosts than he is and gives a mask to the player to do something with it.


Go to Zorof's Shop in Cloud Garden and combine the ghost costume and the mask in the Zoromorph. A scarier ghost suit will come out. Change into the suit, go back to the Aqua Lounge and scare Mr. Tonno. Change back into normal clothes, go back to Gri-Dun and collect the reward.