Night Star
Vital statistics
Start Gold Sparkle
End Gold Sparkle again after Night Star
Prerequisites Nothing.
Location Tree Top Jungle
Rewards  ???
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Night Star is a Mission on Spineworld. This mission was deleted for a bit when Night Star was deleted in 2008 but he then came back in 2009.


Gold Sparkle and the other imps are worried about Night Star. Night Star likes to go out and explore but he has been out for a while and isn't coming back.


Go to the Transit Bar and talk to Gir-Dir. He said that Night Star came in quickly and disappeared to the Bongo Camp. Talk to Ma Bongo at Bongo Camp and she will say that she isn't sure, but you could take a look in the Bongo Excavation. Go down to the Bongo Excavation and you will find Night Star. He says he is okay after he fell into the hole. Go back and tell Gold Sparkle that Night Star is okay.