My Plunger!
Vital statistics
Start Lin-Loo
End Lin-Loo after Captain Hadley and Captain Musk
Prerequisites Plunger
Location Sky Towers Lobby
Rewards  ???
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Repair the Old Ship

"My Plunger!" is a Mission on Spineworld.


Madame Lin-Loo doesn't like the smell that the apartments are making and wants her plunger to fix it.


Madame Lin-Loo says that she thought she lost it at the Cloud Spire Skyport. Go to there and talk to Captain Musk. After remembering that you used it before, he then says that Captain Hadley took it. Go to Dragon Port and talk to him. He will say he found it when Captain Musk's ship, The Merry was about to crash. Take the plunger from Captain Hadley and give it back to Lin-Loo.


  • When this mission was first released, there was a glitch where people couldn't give the plunger back to Lin-Loo. It was fixed up later.
  • Even after this mission, Captain Musk still gives you a plunger for Repair the Old Ship.