Money on Spineworld was used for items like clothes, pet food, apartments, furniture and tickets. Money could be earned by doing missions, playing games, earning achievements and selling items that pets could find.

Current CurrencyEdit

The current currency is called Gold. Anyone could get gold but only members could use it. Non-members can get basic things for free but could spend gold on some things. Gold is also used in Migoland but is earned in a way called Pocket Money. If the user does things like logging in, plays games, or getting Trophies, they would earn Pocket Money.

2nd CurrencyEdit

The currency was also called Gold but was worth less than the recent Gold.

  • 1 New Gold = 10 New New Gold

1st CurrencyEdit

There used to be Silver and Copper to go with Gold when money was first introduced.

  • 1 Old Gold = 10,000 New Gold
  • 1 Silver = 100 New Gold
  • 1 Copper = 1 New Gold

Old Money ConversionsEdit

  • 100 Copper = 1 Silver
  • 100 Silver = 1 Gold
  • 10,000 Copper = 1 Gold

Easy MoneyEdit

A way to get easy money, the user could do the Missing Crates of Sproing mission each day. If they had a pet, they could go to Sky Terrace and make their pet dig, then they could sell their treasure to Maru. If the user hadn't done the missions that involves going into the Uhm Cave, if they did, they could get their pet to dig more, even if the user had what they needed. There were items that could be found there more often.