Misty Island
Misty Island map
Misty Island Displayed on the Map
Vital statistics
Type Island
Level N/a
Location South-East
Inhabitants Captain Hadley, Misty Minitor, Gru-Dor, Petrof, Krakof, Federow

Misty Island was made in early 2008 when Spineworld became a website by itself. It was the first place to have members only parts. Now, all players can access.


Misty HavenEdit

Misty Haven is the entrance to Misty Island. It is where the Plane and Captain Hadley's ship stop off.

Misty MansionEdit

Misty Mansion is the front garden of the Mansion Hall. It has little gardens you can sit down near and the entrance to the normal shop and the pet shop.

Mansion HallEdit

The Mansion Hall is the mansion's grand foyer. There are two doors to get to the Pet Shop and clothes shop. Originally, members were only allowed in.

Misty Island Mansion ShopEdit

The Misty Island Mansion Shop room has a shop with exclusive items. It is run by Gru-Dor. Originally, members were only allowed in.

Pet ShopEdit

The Pet Shop enables people to buy pets. There is a part to get your pets, another part to buy your pet's food and a part to color your pet. There is a door to get in the Mansion Hall. Originally there was Petrof and Krakof running the stores until they added Federow and a door to the Mansion Hall.

Original RoomsEdit

The Stable Yard was where the horses are kept and the back garden of the mansion. There was also the back door of Misty Mansion.


Gallery Edit