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Migoland logo
Vital statistics
Name MigoLand
Date Opened 2010
Date Closed 2015
No. of Players Over five-million
Predecessor Successor
Spineworld None
"Migo Land is a free online game where kids from all over the world become friends, play games, throw parties and have fun."
— Migo Land Description

Migo Land was the successor to Spineworld, an open world social hangout based game. After Spineworld was shutdown in 2010 for unknown reasons, Playdo released MigoLand as a replacement, marketed mainly for younger audiences, with safe chat features and child-friendly artwork and gameplay. MigoLand received negative feedback upon launch, and years to come, as original players missed Spineworld.

Closing Edit

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Gameplay Edit

When registering for Migo Land, the user is able to create and customise their own avatar. The user begins the game with 6,000 coins, which can be spent on decoration or clothing for further character customisation options. Players can explore the different rooms available to them, chat with friends, play games, or decorate their homes; in which players can throw parties. There are different locations open for players to visit, including the hospital, where players can become a doctor or patient; or the restaurant, where players can dine out, or become a chef.

Differences Edit

While Migo Land 'borrows' some graphics from Spineworld, such as avatars, clothing, and home furnishings, the game is aimed at a younger audience. The locations are much less detailed than locations in Spineworld were. The reason for this is because the artwork for Spineworld was too expensive to continue to produce. The much simpler graphics are more cost effective. There is also a smaller range of locations for players to visit and explore. In addition to this, Migo Land does not feature quests (a.k.a. missions).

Houses Edit

Similarly to Spineworld's apartments, users can choose the style of house and the way it is decorated. The user can choose from six different house types, which also have colour variations, including a castle, pirate ship, country house, coffee shop, hospital, or roadside. Users can also hold parties in their homes, or visit their friends homes.

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