Mayor Bongo's Lost Father
Vital statistics
Start Salvador Bongo
End Salvador Bongo after Professor Bongo
Prerequisites Lucky Charm
Location Cloud Garden
Rewards 1,000 Gold
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Mayor Bongo's Lost Father is a Mission on Spineworld


Mayor Bongo doesn't think he can be mayor of Cloud Spire anymore and wishes his father was still here to give him advice. The last time he saw his father was in The Beneath when he was a child until he disappeared.


Mayor Bongo says that his father had a white beard, so go to the Bongo Cave in The Beneath. Talk to Professor Bongo and he will say how much he misses Salvador. He says he will come to see him soon and gives you a Lucky Charm he wants you to give to him. Go back to Mayor Bongo and give him the charm. He will give you 1,000 Gold.