Lost in the maze?
Vital statistics
Start Beneath Lift Hall statues
End Beneath Lift Hall statues
Location Hypno Room
Rewards Citizen Hat
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Lost in the maze? was a mission on Spineworld.


The statues on the wall outside the entrance to The Beneath will talk to the user who is holding an Uhm Stone. They will ask the user to prove himself by completing the Hypno Room. The statues say to "follow your left instinct."


The user would be teleported into the mind maze. Keep on going through the similar rooms in the maze by going through the bottom left doorway. Once the maze has been completed, the user would be transported back to the lift hall. The statues gave a citizen hat.


  • This is one of the very little times the statues in The Beneath Lift Hall speak.
  • This was the last mission to be completed in the first series of missions made in 2008. Once this was completed, a congratulations message would appear telling that more missions and the train in The Beneath were coming soon.