Field Binoculars
Vital statistics
Start Field Librarian Dod
End Field Librarian Dod
Location Meyan Jungle
Rewards 1340 Gold
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Field Binoculars was a mission on Spineworld.


Field Librarian Dod in the Transit Bar has lost his binoculars. The last time he saw them was near the Bongo Camp crash site.


Talk to Ma Bongo in the Bongo Camp and she says that she gave them to P.O Fax. Talk to P.O Fax, he says he lost them by Old Leaf. Go and talk to Old Leaf. He agrees to give the binoculars if he will have bat droppings collected for him. He will give a tool. Go down to the hole at the Bongo Camp and collect the 3 piles of yellow/gold droppings (look like chocolate chips) using the tool given and take them to Old Leaf, who will then give the binoculars. Take the binoculars back to Field Librarian Dod.