Spineworld is a free game, but by Extending Membership (originally called Citizenship), you can do many more things than a regular user. It costs $5.95 a month. Extended membership came when the game became separated from Playdo in early 2008. Before that, anything you could do was free.

Membership BenefitsEdit

  • Style your avatar with 1,000's of outfits and haircuts.
  • Get your own cute and helpful Pets.
  • Get your own huge apartment and decorate it.
  • Play member only Missions, levels and minigames.
  • Buy gifts.
  • Access unique areas.
  • Get special Achievements.
  • Tely-Port for free.
  • Spend your Gold.
  • Have unlimited friends.
  • Start your own Club.

Pet Starter KitEdit

A special Pet Starter Kit was released for people who became a member during June-August 2009.

  • The Most Popular Pet species
  • 3 Months of Pet Food (180 quanity)
  • Cute Pet themed Furniture
  • 5000 Gold
  • Exclusive Red Bunny Suit

Apartment Starter KitEdit

An Apartment Starter Kit was released for people who became a member in September 2009.

  • 5000 Gold for a Medium Apartment.
  • Party Machine.
  • Dancing Plant.
  • Hi-fi System.

Free CitizenshipEdit

In Early 2008 when the game became separated from Playdo, users who would enter their same username and password got free membership for a few months. After that, there was an offer so that they could pay half price for 6 months before everyone had to do the same thing, that is a total of 6.99 per month.