Cloud Spire
Cloud Plaza map
Map of Cloud Spire, showing Cloud Plaza and Dragon Port
Vital statistics
Type City
Level Any
Location North Spineworld
Inhabitants Humans and Bongos




Cloud Spire was created in 2007 and was the first city made for Playdo 2.0. Since it was made, a lot of changes have happened. It is the most well known place in Spineworld and is where new members start at. It also has the most shops and parts than the other cities.


Dragon PortEdit

Dragon Port was made in December 2008. It is a big public space that is home of the games Steam Car Racing, Sky Dive and Magic Toggle. There is a Members Lounge and a Tely-Port station here. Captain Hadley's Ship also stops here.

Dragon Port

Cloud GardenEdit

The Cloud Garden was made in 2007 and was originally the place all members started at. It is a garden with a windmill and some benches you can sit on. Salvador Bongo can be found here. There's also some stairs to Cloud Plaza and to the Sky Terrace. Zorof's Shop is also here.

Cloud Garden

Cloud PlazaEdit

Cloud Plaza is a big wide open street home to shops and buildings. There is construction work going on with Obb and Dob. Places include lift access to The Beneath and Snipo Snapo, the hairdresser. There is also an Info desk, a Members Lounge and a Tely-Port station.

Cloud Plaza

Sky TerraceEdit

The Sky Terrace is home to many buildings, shops and bars including the Sky Tower's, The Den and Maru's Shop of Stuff. There is a bridge which leads you to the Cloud Spire Skyport. Originally the bridge was replaced by a wall but when Spineworld became a separate website in early 2008, the wall was knocked down and replaced by a bridge and river to the Skyport. It is also a big wide open street.

Sky Terrace

Cloud Spire SkyportEdit

The Cloud Spire Skyport was made in early 2008. It is a place where you can access the ship to travel to other places. Captain Musk is found here.


Members LoungeEdit

The Members Lounge is a special place for members. There are lots of tables and chairs to sit at and there's a bar with no bartender. There are also doors to Dragon Port and Cloud Plaza.

Cloud Plaza Lift HallEdit

The Cloud Plaza Lift Hall is the lift hall to get to the Beneath. It is dark green with lots of metal plus an unknown door on the side.

Cloud Plaza Lift Hall

The Beneath Lift HallEdit

The Beneath Lift Hall is the lift hall to get to Cloud Plaza. There are some statues and the Aqua Lounge is placed here.

Beneath Lift Hall

The DenEdit

The Den was made in 2007 and is a bar cafe. There are lots of tables and chairs and it has a bartender. Mr. Tonno's squid, which the bartender, Gri-Dun, won from Tonno, sits next to the bar in a tank. Chief Librarian Libersky can also be found here.

The Den

Aqua LoungeEdit

The Aqua Lounge was made in 2007 and is a bar restaurant. It is in The Beneath Lift Hall. Mr. Tonno the bartender and General Bongo can be found here. There are lots of bridges to get to different parts of the restaurant of tables and chairs. The bottom is filled with water and fish live under it. There is a stage which is said to have bands playing.

Aqua Lounge

Zorof's ShopEdit

Zorof's Shop is a workshop owned by Zorof. There are lots of machines here including a machine that combines items. It is in the Cloud Garden.


Snipo SnapoEdit

Snipo Snapo is a hairdresser owned by Cliff and Ramon. There is a machine that people go into and the machine changes their hair. There are also two machines that are not accesible. There is also some chairs and tables with magazines.

Snipo Snapo

Sky Towers LobbyEdit

Sky Towers Lobby is the main apartment hall. There are lifts to go to apartments, a reception desk with Lin-Loo and a gumball machine can be found here. It is in the Sky Terrace.

Sky Towers

Former Places/Special RoomsEdit

  • Info Room' was a simple empty room with an Info Desk. The Info Desk is now in Cloud Plaza.
  • The Den Lift Hall and Aqua Lounge Lift Hall were the original ways to get to The Den and the Aqualounge.
  • Uhm Cave is a special room to get in during some Missions. It is like The Beneath and is unique.
  • Swedish Idol 2007 was a special room during Christmas 2007 on Playdo. It had a DJ Deck, a disco setting and a talking bartender who was the first to do so - in Swedish.


Cloud Spire has many inhabitants around the city.

Special EventsEdit

Special Events like Christmas and Halloween have taken place on Cloud Spire since 2007.


In 2007, all of Cloud Spire was decorated with a spooky theme. There was a mask shop at the balloon landing spot near Snipo Snapo (not open at the time) where you could get a mask for free. They included skulls, heads with brains sticking out and many more.

In 2008, once again the same thing happened except the shops name was Brampoe's Shoppe of Frights. The creature who runs the shop name is Brampoe. He selled 12 masks with 3 being members only masks. You could buy a mask for 5 copper (equals 5 Current Gold) and sell for 3 copper (equals 3 Current Gold).

In 2009, the same thing happened to Cloud Spire except a new character called Jack Lantern came in a flying pumpkin and he gave special Missions.


In 2007, all of Cloud Spire was covered in snow. There were special winter clothes you could change into and at one point, Santa came in. This was the first Mission ever available on Playdo and the description they gave is below.

Help Santa! OMG! Christmas is in danger!!! As you might have noticed in the Cloud Spire, many presents are spread around. Well, Santa was on his way to the Christmas warehouse to store some of the last presents made before Christmas but he had a small accident...

The blizzard hit Santa’s sleigh hard and some of the reindeer’s leashes broke. Many of the presents ended up falling over Cloud Spire and his sleigh was damaged. A special rescue balloon was sent to help Mr. Claus while his sleigh is being fixed but there are too many presents to be recovered before Christmas Eve! Santa needs your help! Help save Christmas so lots of children won’t be without a present!

Rewards by Santa were given to users who found presents.

In 2008, for some reason, Spineworld did not have snow. Instead, the only thing that happened was Santa called Grandfather Frost coming who had a shop with Christmas clothes only for Members.

In 2009, Cloud Spire had snow in some areas.